President Barzani and US Defence Secretary Carter discuss future cooperation as Peshmerga continue to advance against ISIS | |

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Thursday met US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss the advancthe Peshmerga against ISIS and the cooperation between US and Kurdish forces.

President Barzani thanked the United States for the critical aerial support and weapons and equipment that the US and Coalition partners have provided. He said that this backing was appreciated by the people of Kurdistan. Both Secretary Carter and General Dempsey complimented the President on the courage and performance of the Peshmerga on the battlefield and reiterated their continured friendship and support for the Kurdistan Region in the fight against ISIS.

President Barzani and his delegation of Kurdistan Regional Government officials discussesd with the Defence Secretary,General Dempsey and other Defence Department officials the current military situation, the weapons and training that have already been delivered and what is still needed.

The same day, the President delivered a speech at the Centre for a New Security in America (CNAS), a defence oriented think tank, and separately met the Editorial Board of the Washington Post. In the evening, he was the guest of Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily who hosted the President and the delegation to dinner.