President Barzani Meets EU Delegation to Iraq | |

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani met with members of the European Union Delegation to Iraq to discuss the planned referendum in Kurdistan, the military campaign against ISIS, and Erbil-Baghdad relations.

Head of the EU Delegation Patrick Simonnet briefed the President about the recent EU ministerial statement on Iraq. He said that the EU remains committed to support Iraq and the KRG, and it appreciates the role peshmerga forces in the fight against ISIS, and the KRG for hosting large numbers of IDPs. He added that the EU encourages dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, and urges all sides to refrain from unilateral decisions.

President Barzani reiterated that the decision to hold the referendum is final and that there would be no turning back. He explained that the Kurds have made great sacrifices and done everything possible to protect a united Iraq, but that all these attempts have been to no avail. The President added that following the referendum, the Kurdish leadership would hold talks with Baghdad to reach mutual understanding and a resolution of the outstanding issues through dialogue and peaceful means. President Barzani urged the EU to refrain from standing against the legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan.

On the ongoing campaign to clear Mosul from ISIS, the President said that the peshmerga forces have been closely cooperating with Iraqi forces and that this cooperation will continue. He asked for continued EU support to the Iraqi and peshmerga forces.