President Barzani's Message on Occasion of Eid Al Adha | |
In a message on the occasion of the Muslim Eid of Al Adha, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani congratulated the Muslims of Kurdistan and the whole world. He also talked about the presidency issue and the need for a speedy resolution of this issue.

"At a time when our people are going through a challenging time and is facing major threats, there was no need to approach the presidency issue in the way it has been handled. I have done what I was required to do (by law) by calling for elections before the end of the presidency’s tenure but it was not possible to conduct elections.

"Earlier, I had on several occasions called on the political parties and the parliament to resolve this issue but to no avail. I have not in any way requested to stay on as president. I reject all notions that there are no candidates to succeed me. I am very concerned about how this issue has been protracted. The people of Kurdistan have the right to complain, especially when we are facing pressing issues like the disputes with Baghdad, the economic crisis, the drop in oil prices, the large number of displaced people in Kurdistan, and above all the fight against the ISIS terrorists."

The President further stated that, "If the current 5-party meetings do not succeed, all political parties- those in parliament and those outside the parliament, must convene in order to reach a suitable solution. I fully understand the rule of law and I, more than anyone else, should respect the law. I suggest that that all political parties make a decision that, before 2017, the powers and the election mechanism of the president be formulated in the constitution so that the people will have the final say on this matter. Whether I stay on as president or not, should not become part of the problem of deciding on the powers and mechanisms for electing the president, as these are two separate issues. "

President Barzani paid tribute to the resilience of the people of Kurdistan and thanked them for their patience.

"I greatly appreciate the patience of the people of Kurdistan for standing firm in the face of current challenges. I also understand the problems that our youth face. I ask them that instead of leaving their country, they should strengthen their hope. We have serious problems but we can overcome them. The reform process that we started several years ago should be rejuvenated. No crisis can stand in the way of our people to decide their future. My priority is the realization of the right of our people to decide their future and to end the threat of ISIS on our people," said the President at the end of his statement.