Statement in Response to US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson | |
The people of Kurdistan, who have consistently and enthusiastically supported the United States, especially more recently in its fight against ISIS and Saddam Hussein, are deeply disappointed in the statement by Secretary Tillerson on Friday. Of all the countries in the world, the United States should appreciate and honor Kurds' decision for independence as manifested by 92% of voters in a free, transparent and peaceful referendum held on September 25.

In accordance with Kurdistan laws, The President called for and Parliament authorized the referendum, as is allowed under relevant provisions of the Iraqi Constitution. The referendum enabled the people of Kurdistan to exercise the right of self-determination as contained in the UN Charter and at least two subsequent international conventions.

Although we appreciate the United States' call for a nonviolent response to the referendum, neither the United States nor any other country has stopped Baghdad's unconstitutional and illegal mistreatment of the Kurds, which has continued since 2005 when we adopted the Constitution.

We hope in the coming days the United States will re-evaluate its position and support wholeheartedly the legitimate aspirations of the people of the Kurdistan Region as well as participate in the peaceful negotiation between Erbil and Baghdad.

Dr. Omed Sabah
Spokesperson of the Kurdistan Region Presidency
October 1, 2017