President Barzani Attends a Large Pro-Referendum Rally in Erbil | |
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, ( President Masoud Barzani attended a large pro-referendum rally in Erbil today. During the gathering, the President gave a speech where he reiterated his passionate support for the Kurdistan Independence referendum. "We are gathered here today," the President said "at the capital of the Kurdistan Region, for the purpose of saying, on behalf of the people of the Kurdistan Region 'yes, to independence.'"

The President repeated the grievances of the Kurdistan Region, most notably Baghdad's clear violations of the Iraqi constitution. He added that the people of the Kurdistan Region are legally entitled to the right of voicing their opinion to Iraq and the rest of the world.

President Barzani called upon Baghdad and the international community to come forward after the twenty fifth of this month, the day of the referendum so that we can collectively begin the negotiations process on borders, oil, disputed territories and other important topics.

During the rally, the President reassured the international community that the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces will continue, with more passion and more resilience in their war against the terrorists of the Islamic State. He said that the Kurdistan Independence Referendum will not have any negative impact on the war on the terrorists of the Islamic State, on the contrary, the referendum will further encourage the Peshmerga forces to carry on their war against the terrorists.