President Barzani Visits Sulaimaniya | |
Sulaimaniyyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( President Masoud Barzani visited the city of Sulaimaniya today as part of his Kurdistan tour in support of the Kurdistan Independence Referendum. The President attended the pro-referendum ceremony there and delivered a set of remarks to a large crowd.

The President reemphasized on his stance on the referendum for Kurdistan's independence and that it is a legitimate right of the people of the Kurdistan Region. That referendum, the President added, comes after a series of failed attempts to have a true partnership and to feel as part of a democratic, liberal, pluralistic Iraq.

During his remarks President Barzani stated that for the referendum, "we are all one political party," and those who thought that there may be divisions within Kurdistan were wrong. The referendum, President Barzani said is a means toward the objective of independence for the Kurdistan Region.

President Barzani also reiterated his position that the Kurdistan Region will work on the independence cause through dialogue and other peaceful means with Baghdad. The President commended the people of Sulaimaniya and other places in the Kurdistan Region for the passion they have been displaying for the Kurdistan Independence Referendum.